RAD Data Communications

RAD Data Communications, Ltd. is a global Telecom Access solutions and products vendor.
This website is provided by RAD Data Communications, Ltd. in order to satisfy patent marking provisions of various jurisdictions, including those of 35 USC § 287(a) as amended by the Leahy–Smith America Invents Act.
The following RAD products are protected by patents as listed. Note that these products and other RAD products may additionally be protected by other intellectual property rights, and that this list does not preclude RAD from pursuing all legal rights that it may have for the purpose of protecting its intellectual property.

MiNID sleeves

All SFP devices implementing OAM functionalities

MiCLK miniature distributed grandmaster clock

IPmux, MiToP, and other RAD products implementing TDM pseudowire technology

Other patents

The following RAD patents are not presently linked to specific RAD products:

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